Betta Bags

Boutique Eco-friendly women’s business bag design company. They needed a new brand logo and brand concept and we helped get their image across perfectly •Branding •Web Design •logo design •Web Development

Daniel Ocasio Law

Law group needed to highlight all the specific fraud cases they take. We focused on their professionalism and gave them an easy to follow website sitemap fully branded custom fit website •Branding •Web Design •Web Development

The DeDe

Sun protective clothing brand website with custom ecommerce. •Logo Design •Branding •Web Design •Web Development •Ecommerce

Simplay NY

A sports center needed a design that was as cool in user experience on the website as it was cool for their clients when visiting the venue. •UX Design •Ecommerce •Mobile Responsive •Reservation System

Lu & Lo

A jewelry designer from Canada requested a website design to reflect elegance and clarity, while still functioning to direct sales from the site. •Ecommerce

Prestige Plumbing

An updated design helped increase traffic to their site. We accomplished by creating some user friendly elements and a layout that guides the user through to the information they need and ultimately their contact form. •UX Design •Wordpress •Blog