7 Easy Steps To A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

A few years ago, you could easily get away with Social Media Marketing and easily create a successful brand. However, it is 2018, and most of the logic does not apply. 30% of the millennials are saying that they engage with their customers using social media at least once. Working on the social media strategy has become a necessity of present age.

The famous brands are fully investing in social media strategy to increase their engagement with customers. It means that if you are not working on your social marketing plan, you will lose most of your customers. If you are planning to develop a Social Media Marketing strategy, here we have some of the steps you need to apply.


1 – WORK S.M.A.R.T

The most important step you need to take while creating a social media strategy is to work on your goals and objectives. If you do not have goals, you will never be able to measure your success and ROI while using social media. That is why your goals should be SMART which means

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-bound

Using the SMART framework, you will be able to create some of the best goals, and it will become easier for you to achieve them.



You might get impressed with likes and retweets that you are getting from your customers. It might seem easy and fun to track, but it is hard for you to prove the real value of your brand. It is better that you pay attention to leads which you have generated, conversion rate and web referrals.



While working on your social marketing plan the most important thing is your customer. You should know your audience and what they want from you because it is the key to your success. It is important that you create content they will comment on, like and share with others. It is also important for planning how you can work for your social media fans to assure they will be converted into your customers and help you maintain a successful business.



You should not make assumptions when it comes to social media marketing. For example, you may think that Facebook is better for you because most of your competitors are using it but in reality, you can easily target most of your customers on Instagram. There are various marketing tools available which you can use to identify which of the social media platform will be the best for you. It will help you attract more visitors and convert them into customers.



While developing Social Media Strategy, you should conduct a competitive analysis that will give you complete information about your competitors and how they are performing better. It will give you a good idea about what is expected in your industry. It will help you set some important social targets.



To maintain successful results by implementing your Social Marketing plan, it is important that you evaluate your performance on a regular basis. You have to take a step back and check what you have accomplished in the meantime. To evaluate your performance, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Are customers connecting with business on social media?
  2. Which social media services are working for you?
  3. Which type of social media sites are used by your target market?
  4. Why your competitors are performing better?

When you get the answers to all these questions, it will give you a good starting point to evaluate your performance and improve your results.



It is important that you work hard consistently. That is the only way you will be able to get reliable results.

Develop your Social Media Marketing strategy and keep updating it properly. It will help you generate more leads in limited time.